Aviation & ADR round table in Rome

Yesterday Sofia Paoletta spoke about the Hague CAA at an Aviation & ADR round table in Rome as part of a side event of the Italian Arbitration Day, which focused on ‘Flying into the opportunities of ADR in the aviation sector’. Sofia focused on how the Hague CAA can be and is an opportunity of ADR for users in the aviation industry. The Hague CAA, by providing (technical) mediation and arbitration services, can be instrumental in resolving conflicts within the global aviation industry and offers users a real opportunity to seek and enforce their (legal) rights. The inclusion of the Hague CAA mediation and arbitration clause is essential for parties wishing to have their dispute resolved by an independent and impartial tribunal that is also an expert in the field of aviation.

Hague CAA well equipped to resolve aviation disputes

The Aviation & ADR round table in Rome allowed for a lively discussion and exchange of knowledge between key players in the aviation and dispute resolution communities. We would particularly like to thank Daria Pastore and Marco Cottone – Legance for their kind invitation, organisation and insights. Many thanks also to Maria Beatrice Deli – Associazione Italiana per l’Arbitrato, Marco Di Giugno – Enac, Daniele Pilla – ITA Airways, Stefania Pastori – Aeroporti di Roma, Giovanni Marmonti – Generali, Letizia Macrì – AVIO, Giacomo Serra Zanetti – Omni Bridgeway, Francesco Lo Passo and Lucia Bazzucchi – The Brattle Group for the valuable contributions they provided and the lively knowledge exchange.

About Hague CAA

Technical expertise is highly relevant and valued in resolving disputes in certain specialised industries. In July 2022, The Hague Court of Arbitration for Aviation (The Hague CAA) launched at the Farnborough International Airshow in service of the global aviation industry. 

The Hague CAA is seated in The Hague, the Netherlands. The NAI is a founder of The Hague CAA and the sole administrating body for disputes referred to The Hague CAA for resolution under the arbitration and mediation rules of The Hague CAA.   

The Hague CAA offers the global aviation industry deeply specialized arbitration as a fast, fair, flexible and final form of binding dispute resolution conducted before an expert neutral tribunal, in private, pursuant to arbitration rules and procedures specifically tailored to the unique needs of a unique industry.  

Please visit The Hague CAA’s website for more detailed information on the proceedings.