Tomas Vaal. General Director / Secretary General of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute

NAI names new General Director / Secretary General

πŸ“’ As of 16 June 2024, Tomas Vaal will be the General Director / Secretary General of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI).

Introducing Tomas Vaal

Tomas has been the Director Business Operations of the NAI since 2020. In this role, he implemented secure, efficient and paperless Case Management, the NAI Arbitration Platform and a clean and user-friendly website.

Before working at the NAI, Tomas was an attorney-at-law and member of one of the largest Dutch international arbitration practices. He focussed on disputes in the construction and energy sectors.

β€œI appreciate the trust shown by the Executive and Advisory Board and I am eager to promote the NAI’s effective and high-quality dispute resolution in the Netherlands and abroad.” Tomas says.

New General Director / Secretary General Tomas Vaal

The NAI | a leading European arbitration institute

The NAI has the ambition to be a leading European arbitration institute providing high-quality dispute resolution services to its users in top-tier markets. In its new role, Tomas’s main goals are to raise awareness of the benefits of dispute resolution at the NAI, further improving the quality of its services and to continue innovation based on the users’ needs.

Professor Gerard Meijer on the appointment of Tomas Vaal

Professor Gerard Meijer, president of the NAI Executive Board, says: β€œWe are delighted to announce that Tomas will assume the role of General Director and Secretary General. The experience gained by Tomas in his former attorney role and in his more recent role as Director Business Operations at the NAI will be incredibly valuable in his new capacity. We very much look forward to further working together with Tomas in order to further enhance the quality of the services of the NAI.”

Camilla Perera – De Wit, who has led the NAI Secretariat since 2019, steps down as General Director / Secretary General. Please click here to read about the NAI’s reflections on Camilla’s tenure at the NAI.