NAI Arbitration Rules

2024 NAI Arbitration Rules

With effect from 1 March 2024,  new arbitration rules are in force: the NAI Arbitration Rules 2024 (Arbitration Rules). These new Arbitration Rules provide for even more efficient and faster dispute resolution through innovative tools. A newly developed arbitration platform facilitates secure electronic communication. There is also a focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity in the new Arbitration Rules.

For 75 years, the NAI has been a leading arbitration institute in Europe that stands for quality and innovation. We are constantly working to optimise our processes and further develop our services. The new Arbitration Rules are a good example of this. The changes in the new Arbitration Rules are extensive. Besides an entirely new structure, the NAI Arbitration Rules 2024 have a number of new features. We are happy to explain the most important changes.

Additional safeguards for arbitrators’ independence and impartiality
  • New reporting requirement on litigation funding.
  • Enhancing the arbitrator’s declaration of independence and impartiality, availability, and also electronic accessibility.
  • Contact with the NAI on appointment of the chair by the co-arbitrators.
  • Improved regulation on the challenge of arbitrators (including an anti-abuse provision).
Efficiency improvements
  • More efficient appointment procedures (direct NAI appointments if parties cannot work it out themselves).
  • Introduction of a fixed pre-trial hearing and a fixed interim pre-trial hearing.
  • Introduction of an expedited arbitration .
  • Early determination of unfounded disputes.
  • Resolution of disputes from multiple contracts in one arbitration.
  • Option of English-language proceedings relating to arbitration at the Netherlands Commercial Court.
Quality improvements
  • A balanced scrutiny of the draft arbitral award by the NAI.
  • Option of cost sanctions by arbitrators for improper procedural behaviour.
Sustainability, diversity and inclusivity
  • Communication only via the NAI arbitration platform or email.
  • Obligation to account for the importance of sustainability issues as well as diversity and inclusivity.

The NAI Arbitration Rules 2024 apply to arbitration proceedings filed on or after 1 March 2024. If you have any questions about the new rules, please let us know. You can contact

An overview of the NAI Arbitration Rules

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