2023 NAI Statistics

It’s that time of year! NAI 2023 statistics are out now!

The NAI is proud to be one of the first to publish its 2023 statistics and to report on an increase in the financial amount in dispute of up to EUR 4 billion.

Notable developments:

  • The increase in the total amount in dispute in 2023, rising from approx. EUR 2,5 billion (2022) to approx. EUR 4 billion last year;
  • The shift in procedural language, shifting from majority Dutch in 2022 to 62% English cases in 2023;
  • The diversity of commercial sectors in which we administer cases remains, with a notable increase in Energy & Resources disputes in 2023.
  • In an aim to be further transparent, the NAI has added a new slide with the financial interest of proceedings in 2023 – have a look!
  • Our unique summary arbitral proceedings continue to be a great value to parties in need of interim relief (15% of total caseload);
  • Last but not least: our focus on gender and diversity:
    • The statistics on the gender of arbitrators appointed directly by the NAI in 2023 show a 54% female and 46 % male division

We thank you for your trust and stand ready to be of service in 2024!

NAI statistics from previous years

The NAI reports annually on the statistics of its case administration. The reports of previous years can be found here.