NAI and the Offshore Energy Industry

For a report on IRO – NAI event on efficient dispute resolution in the Dutch language, please click here.

In 2023 8% of the NAI’s caseload was in the Maritime & Offshore Industry sector. Last Wednesday Tomas Vaal and Sofia Paoletta got in touch with the NAI users in the Offshore Energy Industry and spoke to them about alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in the beautiful DOB-Academy in Delft. We thank all participants for the lively and interactive discussion. It was an afternoon of knowledge exchange at its best. The NAI learned more about contracting in this industry, the different dynamics between contracting parties and the common practices, such as the use of BIMCO and FIDIC contracts and the choice of English law, while the participants learned more about ADR in general and more specifically about ADR at the NAI.

User experiences and tips & tricks from leading experts

The presentation was followed by an insightful panel discussion led by user experiences, followed by tips and tricks from leading experts. In particular, we would like to thank the panellist Dirk Moree (Lead Litigator, Boskalis), Mark Riemers (former co-founder, STP Offshore), Marrein Schraven (Head of Legal Europe & Africa, Fugro), Stan Putter (arbitrator and partner, HBN Law) and Arent van Wassenaer (arbitrator, mediator and advisor, The Faithful Goose) for their engaging contributions. We enjoyed hearing from the users about the (common) use of multi-tier dispute resolution clauses in the Offshore Energy Industry. Multi-tier dispute resolution clauses provide parties with a sequence of dispute resolution mechanisms that need to be followed, for example, starting from negotiation, mediation and dispute boards and ultimately ending in arbitration if the previous mechanisms were unsuccessful.

Thank you to our organising partner, IRO

We want to make use of this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to Tjerk Suurenbroek and Barbara van Buchem from IRO, the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry, who made this exchange between the NAI and the Offshore Energy Industry possible in the first place!